200/300 Series Particle Filter Take on problem particles for peak performance and efficiency with..

Timeless design with more to love Welcome to the Blueair Classic 290i. Our timeless design is W..

The smart air purifier with Wi-Fi The Blueair Sense+ is a smart air purifier that swiftly removes..

PEAK PERFORMANCE IS THE NORMAL LEVEL This advanced combination filter catches virtually every air..

Knowing what's in the air you breathe is vital. With Blueair Aware, you can measure and monitor ..

Utilize activated carbon to target tobacco smoke and odors with the 200/300 Series SmokeStop Filter,..

Stretch it out now At Blueair, we go to great lengths to increase cleaning efficiency – eve..

Particle filter with activated carbon for use in rooms where removal of gaseous pollutants, such as ..

Clean air that’s (almost) larger than life The Blueair Classic 690i makes you feel right ..

Be well. Breathe clean air. Taking care of the well-being of you and your family means knowing ho..

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